September 30, 2015

Our Nest

Life changes, folks!  Change that my Husband and I have worked excruciatingly hard for.  Change that I have dreamed of since college.  

We purchased our first home!

The road between our wedding day and now has been one full of roadwork, debris and even some swerving and brake pumping, but it has been so worth it.  Now we are in our new home and are approaching the 9 year anniversary of our first date.  Life has never tasted sweeter. 

The house is far from a fixer-upper, but we have a lot we want to do to make it our own.  We have already made several massive changes to the house such as having laminate wood floors installed and painting just about the entire house.  My amazing husband took an entire week off to work on the house and make it my dream home.  I picked out the floors and the paint and he just took off and made it happen.  I'm telling you, I am the luckiest girl in the world to have him as my husband.  He bends over backwards to make our dreams come true.

One of my very favorite spaces in the house is the kitchen.  As a hearing impaired individual, being able to be in an open space with the rest of my family as they watch TV, play or work at the table is extremely nice.  Before, I had to be isolated in the kitchen while I worked on supper.  Now, I am able to be an active part in whatever Bubba or the Hubs are doing while I am working in the kitchen.  Hubs and a friend of his painted our cabinets, then once they were dry the Hubs went back and hand distressed each cabinet.  I am in love with them!  We still have some areas to finish painting in the kitchen, such as the bar area that will have beadboard put on it and then painted to match cabinets, but I am loving the off white against the floors.

Bubba's room is another favorite space of mine.  It has extremely high ceilings, much like our living room, and is extremely spacious and full of natural light.  He has plenty of room to spread out and really play in there.  If you couldn't tell, there may be a decorating theme to his room that involves the colors orange and blue...War Eagle!

The twin beds and bookcases in Bubba's room were originally my Daddy's.  They were in his room that he shared with his brother, my Uncle Joe, while they were growing up in Kentucky.  I also used the suite while I was growing up in Kentucky as well.  It is special to have my son use the same furniture.  It is all solid cherry wood.  They just don't make furniture like this anymore.

I could not resist decorating our mantel for fall/halloween.  It is still quite sparse, but it is a work in progress.  Decorating the house in general will be a work in progress for some time, I'm guessing. 

We still have a long ways to go, but what a fun process it has been so far.  I have some gnarly bruises and cuts to show from moving so far, but the battle scars are worth it!

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Angie said...

It is beautiful
You must be so proud!

Kayla Miller said...

I'm so super happy for you, Chelsea! Your new home is beautiful. :)