June 5, 2015

The Fork

I have been told there is a process that takes place within you sometime close to the age of 35 in which you discover who you really are at your core and become comfortable with it.  We spend birth through 30 developing the basics of who we are as people.  We attend school anywhere from 15 to 30 years to broaden our perspectives and open our minds to comprehend ideals outside of what we think are our own. At 29 years old, I am beginning the process of standing firmly on the foundation of which are my ideals and perspectives.  For the most part, my foundation is firm.  

Hi, I'm Chelsea.  I am a woman conflicted.

My Southern roots and my hippie soul are constantly at odds with each other.  This battle makes my soul weary at times.  Tradition is dear to me, but the euphemism of "sticking it to the man" tastes as sweet as molasses. I love the old hymns and am a God-fearing woman, however church and conformity frighten me.  I appreciate and enjoy certain gender roles, however I do not expect all men and women to appreciate them.  I believe in working extremely hard for what you and your family want and need, but also believe in the humanitarian responsibility to help make the life of someone, less fortunate than you, better. 

Mainly, I believe in making a valiant effort to love everyone for who they are and respect them no matter the circumstances.

Why am I telling you this?  Maybe because this is meant to be more of a reaffirmation for myself than it is an explanation to others.  It started as an explanation, but it now feels like it is part of the process I spoke of earlier in this post.  Outside of your standard insecurities, I feel myself becoming more and more secure with my thoughts and ideas.  It is a pleasant shift and one that I truly want to revel and relish in.

It seems blogging, to me, is the perfect vehicle to ride the grassy road, that began as a fork in a larger road, nestled in a yellow wood.

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