June 12, 2015

Can We Stop?

1. Ever since I began my new position as an Academic Advisor, I have yet to feel the need to "Thank God it's Friday!" I am enjoying my weekdays as well as my weekends so I'm over here like "Oh, is today Friday?  cool."

Granted, Saturdays still have the appeal of being able to sleep in and then go live by the pool with the family for 6 hours...but in reality...sleeping in, for me, means getting up at 7 and chilling by the pool means playing with my son or watching him like a hawk...the whole time...It's still pretty exhausting, but at least I get to be with Bubba and the Hubs!

2.  I know we all have a very wide array of opinions about Caitlyn Jenner, but can we stop for a second?  Can we stop and listen to these beautiful children whose minds have not absorbed the hatred and judgement that all too often circle these stories of the LGBT community.  Can we stop and just marvel at how beautifully kind and unassuming these children are?  Can we all just stop and be like children, because lets face it, every single one of the children in this video are better people as children than we are as adults...  #truth

3. Bubba was sick on Wednesday.  By sick, I mean as I was turning into his school he threw up...in the car...On the plus side, I got to stay home and snuggle and play with him.  Sick snuggles are the best because I don't have to beg for them...I get them freely!

4. I am starting to get back into Pinterest and loving every second of it!  Now I need to start actually doing some of the recipes and projects I have pinned.  Is it odd that I am a little pissed that Pinterest got big after my wedding and after my first child?!?!?

5. Did y'all see my recipe for Mason Jar Whipped Cream up on the blog yesterday?  If not, check it out!  It is a pretty awesome life-hack that seems fool proof with the right amount and intensity of shaking.

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